Kunpup's Inter ML Coach & Staff & Graphics  | PES 2020


Antonio Conte and staff: J.Zanetti – D.Stankovic – W.Samuel
others default managers are replace by D.Stankovic (Only way i’ve found to get 100% success to get them together)
NB: there can be some shirt bug with Stankovic, restart the ML until you get a Stankovic without Shirt bug.
►ML graphics: from xcdf86
►Inter Menu: from Hawke
►Conte face: from Sila® pesfan BiRaitBec
►others face from Konami
►PES 2020 Marseille Menu Mod by Hawke edited xcdf86
►Polo Real Madrid by ginda 01 edited xcdf86
►PES2020 Starbucks Coffee Cup by ginda01 edited xcdf86
►Coach Jumpsuit model by Eddduuuhhh edited xcdf86
►Press Sponsors xcdf86

Add this line to your sider.ini cpk.root = ".\livecpk\INTER ML

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