Scoreboard English Premier League For PES 2020

PES 2020 NBCSN Premier League Scoreboard V5



Other Credits:

    • Cesc Fabregas - Authorised use of his Premier League replay wipe.
    • Eskpist - For providing the necessary hex co-ordinates in his scoreboard hex values thread.
    • Spursfan18 - Answering various questions I had regarding the build.
    • Shawminator - For building CP Pes Explorer which was used to import images.


    • قم بتثبيت السايدر:Here
    • تاكد من تثبيت احدث اصدر من Here  :Scoreboard-Server  
    • قم باستخراج الملفات ونقلها الي Scoreboard-Server directory.
    • قم بفتح ملف Scoreboard-Server's map_competitions واكتب بداخله:
    •        17, England\EPL\NBCSN​"
    • قم بعمل save وافتح السايدر       
    • Enjoy

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